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Speech and Language

Speech-language pathologists are specialists in the evaluation and treatment of complex communication disorders which occur as symptoms of underlying medical problems. These disorders can present in different forms and with a range of severity, often concurrently. It is important to seek help if you have a condition affecting speech and language. With appropriate interventions, therapy can offer significant improvement. In some cases, individuals benefit from augmentative and alternative communication systems. Pathways Speech Therapy offers free initial consultations, so individuals can learn more about our therapy process and get their questions answered. 


A motor speech disorder resulting from changes in parts of the brain that control coordinated muscle movement. Individuals know what they want to say, however, there is a disruption with motor planning messages being sent from the brain to the mouth. 


A motor speech disorder in which the muscles used for speech are weakened, damaged or paralyzed due to certain nervous system conditions. Speech can sound breathy, slurred, and imprecise. 


An acquired impairment of language affecting people who survive strokes or other types of brain injury. Aphasia impairs one's ability to speak and understand language. It can occur in one or more language domains: speaking, understanding, reading, writing, pragmatics/gestures. 


“In speech therapy, I learned to speak with greater clarity and to slow my rate of speech. My children understand me better, and I no longer have to repeat myself. I received exceptional care and I'm very happy with my progress!”


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