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Hearing Screenings

Are you wondering about your hearing? Do you ever think "I can hear others, but I can't understand what they said" ? Do you ever refrain from social interaction and group involvement because it's difficult to understand and participate in conversations? It may be time to have your hearing assessed by a professional.

For individuals who rely on verbal/auditory form of communication, hearing is vital. Untreated hearing loss is associated with a high risk of cognitive decline and communication impairment. Treating hearing loss appropriately has one of the largest impacts of mitigating cognitive decline compared to other associated co-morbidities. Research shows that hearing loss also contributes to social isolation and depression.  

Therefore, Pathways Speech Therapy offers hearing screenings to those who are interested and at risk. Hearing screenings starting in middle life are recommended and important. They only take a few minutes and can determine if a referral to an audiologist is warranted. 

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