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Welcome to
Pathways Speech Therapy!

Pathways Speech Therapy is a private practice offering comprehensive services for adults with communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders, including consultation, diagnostic evaluations and individualized treatment programs.

Founded by Devon Chisholm, a licensed medical speech-language pathologist with years of experience, we are located in the town of Erie, Colorado, and provide services for neighboring counties as well. Pathways Speech Therapy, LLC was established to meet the needs of the growing communities in which it serves.

We pride ourselves in using the highest standards of evidence-based practice while being an ally in healthcare for clients and their loved ones. We believe communicating closely with caregivers and other specialists involved is paramount to a patient’s improvement and ongoing success. Treatment is focused on increasing functioning at home and in the community to promote successful return to work, ability to participate in activities of choice, and overall wellbeing.

Our philosophy is a blend of compassionate care with treatment that works!

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Speciality Services

Speech-language pathology is a unique component of healthcare. We have expertise in the areas of motor speech, language, voice, cognition, and swallowing function. Disorders impacting these functions generally result from neurological conditions related to:

  • Acquired brain injury such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumor, anoxia, seizure disorder or aneurysm

  • Neuromuscular conditions such as Myasthenia Gravis and Muscular Dystrophy 

  • Neurodegenerative diseases including but not limited to: Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Primary Progressive Aphasia

  • Congenital conditions such as cerebral palsy


Many of these disorders impact daily life and optimal functioning both socially and professionally. If untreated they can cause emotional strain. With speech therapy, these conditions can be helped, resulting in significant improvement in quality of life.

Whether it is a new problem or a chronic condition, we can help you find the right neural pathway forward!

At Pathways Speech Therapy we believe in following scientific research to apply the principles of motor learning and neuroplasticity when appropriate for optimal outcomes in treatment.

In addition to neurological etiologies, certain disorders treated by SLPs can be linked to vocal misuse, intubation, respiratory issues, tracheotomy, viral infections, acid reflux, and cancer. Conditions are often intertwined with mental health, visual, and auditory impairments. Devon is experienced in providing speech therapy to those dealing with complex issues and collaborating with other healthcare professionals. As hearing loss is associated with cognitive decline and communication impairment, Pathways Speech Therapy offers hearing screenings as part of its service model.

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